The Baltimore Christmas Special's "Home for Christmas"

By Spencer Humm Christmas Special Entertainment (other events)

5 Dates Through Dec 17, 2017

Home for Christmas!

Music, comedy and holiday memories...

Baltimore's most popular Christmas comedy event is back one more time to gather, laugh and remember what is best about the holidays! Join Spencer "Slash" Humm, the Christmas Ninjas, and many of your favorite performers, as they take you on another magical holiday journey with music, charity and comedy for the whole family! Celebrating it's 15th anniversay, Spencer Humm presents this "Holiday Season Finale". This year's special will not only feature new comedy and music, we'll also look back on everything we've enjoyed in the last fifteen years of fun and charity. As alway wear your pajamas! 

Check for information on guests and theme nights. Details on the cast and surprise guests will be announced as the shows gets closer. You never know who will drop in!

The show is in the cozey and intimate "Studio 194" Theatre, around back from the old larger theater at the Chesapeake Arts Center.

As always, the show will support great local and global charities that provide food, water, clothing and shelter. Bring food and clothing donations to the show, and the audience is invited to wear their pajamas!

IT'S BACK! "Executive Platinum Overlord" seating! The first row in seats are extra awesome, with goody bags the best view, ninja butler service and more. Do you deserve the "Overlord" treatment?

IMPORTANT: We rely heavily on word of mouth to make this charity event happen. If you can find it in the goodness of your heart to write a few kind words about the event in the box below and share it on Facebook, we will convince Starbucks to feature your face on their new hoilday cups with the caption "Loves to share." Share what you're excited about, what you enjoyed in previous years, why you're going, anything that gets the word out in a personal way. We appreciate you!


-Spencer "Slash" Humm

Seating Descriptions:

Executive Platinum Overlord $55

Front row means the “best seats in the house”, VIP goody bags, Executive Platinum Overlord VIP passes. These seats are like having a butler for your butt... a "buttler"? Anyway, our Platinum VIP's are the angels that make this show possible. Thanks for your support and enjoy the show in style!

VIP Gold $45 - (in yellow)

Up close and awesome! Plus, all the above VIP benefits. For people who are serious about having fun at this event. These will be gone within days of them going online. Good Luck!

Balcony Seating $40 (blue)

No spitting please. These are great seats and you get to be part of a select group of people with altitude.

Regular Seating $35 (red)

Economy seating toward the back. With the smaller theater you'll still have a great time!

Wheelchair Accessible $35 (blue)

These balcony seats are for our patrons who might have difficulty with stairs.

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Presenter reserves the right to make changes to the cast and performance content without notice. :)