Spence and Brian "It's not Faire." - Baltimore Performance

By Spencer Humm Christmas Special Entertainment (other events)

2 Dates Through Feb 13, 2016

Baltimore - ONE WEEKEND ONLY!!

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Spencer "Slash" Humm and Brian "Broon" Howard join forces in this irreverant and unpredictable evening of comedy.

Over twenty years of friendship and hundreds of shows together have formed a kind of twisted comedy mind-meldthat will now be on display in theaters across the country. 

Comedy, music, juggling, balancing and more will fill this entirely unique evening. If you’ve seen them at a festival or faire, you’ve never seen them like this! This time, fully plugged-in, amplified, digitally modified and modern, Spence and Brian promise a show that will keep you laughing from start to finish and most of the way home. See you there!

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Rain, snow or gloom of night will not stay these performers from collecting their paycheck and going home.